Empowering Leadership: Computing Scholars of Tomorrow Alliance

Dr. Jamika Burge, Senior Behavioral Computer Scientist at i_SW, an Information Systems company, led a webinar session in June 2011 and discussed "Overcoming Difficulties in Obtaining your PhD".  Session url at http://bit.ly/ELA_JB.  PDF of ppt used during webinar. 

Dr. Burge is currently a Senior Behavioral Computer Scientist at i_SW, an Information Systems company in Arlington, VA that provides high-end, advanced technical and research services to the US Government and other customers. Her research interests lie in HCI, comfortably, in the intersection of behavioral methodology and technology use, and she enjoys applying her skills in new and innovative ways.  Most recently, she was a postdoc in the College of IST at Penn State (2007-2009), where she worked with John M. Carroll on wireless informatics initiatives for non-profit organizations.  Jamika completed her PhD in CS from Virginia Tech, where she was an IBM PhD Research Fellow. She has several publications in books and refereed conferences, and she is a member of ACM (CSE and CHI), and the CDC (The Coalition to Diversify Computing).  For the CDC, she is currently co-director of the Collaborative Research for Undergraduates (CREU) program, which funds undergraduate CS research and encourages retention in the field.  She is also currently a co-investigator for the CDC Shrinking Pipeline research project, whose goals are to empirically evaluate those factors affecting attrition and retention in CS among Black