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Cynthia Prudence is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Mathematical Sciences with a Biophysics and Bioinformatics focus at the University of Rhode Island.  She also completed a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Computer Science, Sociology and Film Studies at the University of Rhode Island. 

Her Ph.D. studies are under the guidance of Professors Yana Reshetnyak and Oleg Andreev of the Division of Biological and Medical Physics in the Department of Physics at the University of Rhode Island.  Cynthia's research incorporates protein-protein interaction, computational modeling, and bioinformatics.  She is currently investigating the formation of the actomyosin complex to further understand the generation of force and the directionality of movement for this system.  

Cynthia has presented work at various conferences in the United States and abroad.  She was a Sloan Research Fellow (2008--2009) and is a multiple awardee of the New England Board of Higher Education Fellowship (Spring 2005 - 2006, Spring 2007 - 2008, Spring 2010 - Spring 2011).