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Mei Wang is the Head of Cisco Asia Pacific Research.  Mei has been with Cisco for about 11 years, her research and advanced development have been deployed in multiple Cisco products, including the world’s largest router CRS-1, Cisco’s best selling switch Catalyst 6000, and VoIP gateway.  Mei contributes regularly to standard bodies and international conferences, with research interests in network architecture and algorithms.  Her 15-year of industry experience spans from the areas of IPv6, network scalability, routing and addressing, embedded system design, to multimedia.  Mei also drives research initiatives in Asia, especially China, including establishing joint research labs,  providing research funding, and leading research collaborations.

Mei received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering and B.S. from Peking University, China, in Physics.  She authored the biography book “Women Executives in Silicon Valley” published in 2005 and is the President of NACSA, North America Chinese Clean-tech and Semiconductor Association, a high-tech professional organization with over 4000 members.