Empowering Leadership: Computing Scholars of Tomorrow Alliance
Sheila Humphreys, Director of Diversity in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, has been actively engaged in science intervention programs to promote diversity at the pre-college, undergraduate and graduate levels for thirty years. Humphreys received the 2010 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award at UC Berkeley, and the A. Nico Habermann Award, (http://www.cra.org/Activities/awards/habermann/winner.99.html) from the Computer Research Association in 1999, for her contributions on behalf of minority groups in computer science. Under her leadership, the EECS women’s program was awarded the 2002 Women in Engineering Program Award by WEPAN, (Women in Engineering Programs and Advocates Network). She is on the leadership team for the NSF Empowering Leadership Alliance, (http://www.empoweringleadership.org/About_Us/leadership.html) Humphreys has made numerous presentations and has authored articles about issues of access to science and engineering. She has initiated many intervention programs at Berkeley to increase the participation of underrepresented students in engineering and computer science, including the minority research program SUPERB - Information Technology for Sustainability.   and the Computer Science Reentry Program. As Director of Diversity for the EECS Department, she oversees academic and preprofessional support for women and underrepresented students, including the SRC/Intel Undergraduate Research Program, (http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~humphrys/intel.html).