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Gerardo Hernandez, MathWorks Application Engineer and doctoral student, gave an overview of MATLAB, how it is used in research/industry, and then ran through a few demos of how MATLAB is used in both serial and parallel computations in November 2011.  The link to the recorded session is at http://bit.ly/XSP_Gerardo.

Gerardo Hernandez, MathWorks Application Engineer, holds a B.S in Physics from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and a M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the same institution. His area of research was the theory of distributions and inverse problems, in particular the identification of linear systems. In his master’s thesis “Identification of linear systems” Gerardo designed and implemented in MATLAB an, iterative, non-destructive method for retrieving the convolution kernel of linear systems.  

Gerardo also hold a M.S. in mechanical engineering from WPI and is currently completing the requirements for a PhD in mathematical sciences from the same institution.  In his dissertation "An adaptive, multiresolution agen-based model of gioblastoma multiforme", Gerardo designed and implemented in MATLAB a multiresolution agent-based model of the evolution of Brain tumors, in particular Gioblastoma multiforme.  His areas of interest include Numerical methods, in particular ODE and ODE solvers, Mathematical modeling, Dynamical systems and high performance computing among others.